Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New/old stove!

Zach and I found a fabulous stove on craigslist the other day and even though we love our kitchen and our tiny little apartment stove, we just couldn't pass it up. The stove that we have had since moving into the house is from the 1920's. It has an art-deco style and is a creamy buttery yellow color. While our house was built in 1927, the kitchen, as we've decorated, has evolved into more of a 1940's style. The Monitor Top refrigerator we bought a while ago is from 1934 and is white white. All of the vintage cabinets are white white enamel top. When we saw this stove it was just the perfect completion. The nice thing about the new/old stove is that it is quite large and will be much more user-friendly for cooking. It also has a thermostat so I will actually be able to KNOW what temperature I am cooking things at rather than having to guess. 

Here is the old stove with one picture of the stove next to the Monitor Top:

Here is the new one: 


The new stove is from 1948. Right now the new/old stove is in the garage till we get it cleaned up a bit. It will take some creativity to figure out how to rearrange the kitchen now. Space is at a premium and the new stove is quite large in comparison to the small apartment stove we've been using. We are going to try to put the stove on the wall where the old stove and Monitor Top have been sitting together. This will require us moving the Monitor Top. It will be an interesting process. I will try to post some pictures of the new arrangement once we are finished. 

ps: anyone want a fabulous antique deco apartment stove? :)

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