Monday, June 16, 2008

walkable urbanism

In its inception, I had intended for this blog to be mostly meanderings about kitchen related things, recipes, gadgets, etc. However, I read an interesting article today that I feel deserves comment and though not immediately related to my "kitchen" per se it does directly relate to the type of life that Zach and I desire to carve out for ourselves in our little 1927 bungalow. 

The article discusses the potential "death" of suburban life due to mortgage foreclosures and although not explicitly mentioned, rising gas prices--which are more of an issue in a suburban setting that requires driving to go almost anywhere. 

I think the thing that especially caught my attention with this particular article is that, while we hear a lot of fanaticism about how fuel is running out and the typical American life will be extinct before we know it, the picture this article paints of where our culture may be headed is actually one that I liked. 

"...downtowns are being revitalized by well-educated, young professionals who have no desire to live in a detached single family home typical of a suburbia where life is often centered around long commutes and cars. 
     Instead they are looking for "Walkable urbanism"--both small communities and big cities characterized by efficient mass transit systems and high density developments enabling residents to walk virtually everywhere for everything--from home to work to restaurants to movie theaters." 

Doesn't that sound pleasant? 

I guess part of what our little bungalow is about for Zach and I is a return to simpler things. A slowing down, a way of life that makes time for "walking" once in a while rather than always rush, rush, rush. Maybe we will even get to the point where our neighborhood grocer knows our name? 

The idea that society as a whole may be interested in a more "local" way of life was encouraging to read and envision. 

Any thoughts on this you care to share? What did you think of the article?


  1. yes! urban life was the way people were created to live ... in community!

  2. i agree courtney...i think Dr. P would too. :)