Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fire King Turquoise Blue

Perhaps one of my favorite collections is my set of Fire King Turquoise Blue dishes which my mother-in-law collected for me on a trip across the U.S. from San Fran to Milwaukee. I have an unbelievable EIGHT PLACE setting of these gorgeous dishes as well as numerous serving pieces and bowls. There are times when all I want to do is sit in my kitchen and just stare at them. They inspire me to make beautiful meals that are worthy of being served on them. These dishes are from the same company that produced Jadeite (another collection of mine). However, while Jadeite was produced in large quantities due to its restaurant-ware line, my turquoise blue dishes were only made for the home, making them significantly more rare. 

While no picture really does justice to their fabulous color, here is a picture of one of the splash-proof mixing bowls. 
Click on any of these links to learn more about Fire King or Jadeite, it is actually difficult to find sites devoted only to the Turquoise Blue line. 

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