Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Milwaukee Pride

Zach and I are really convinced that we are living in one of the best cities in the U.S. Everything about Milwaukee is just so perfect. We love the urban/city feel but all the accessibility and ease of a smaller city. We never pay for parking (which is a huge deal coming from Chicago) and if traffic is really bad it might add another 5-10 minutes on to your drive (which is a huge deal also coming from California!). We live in a neighborhood part of the city on the South Side and yet we are still a short 10 minute drive from the beautiful Lake Michigan beaches. I could seriously talk about how much I love this city for hours. I found a few great blogs/websites that do justice to how cool this city is as well as making some great recommendations for where to visit/eat/drink/shop/play.

Come visit soon!

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  1. Hey Alicia! I finally came to see your blog after following you on Instagram. Coming from CA, I have to agree completely about the Mke! We could NOT love it more. It's amazing and is truly a hidden gem! I'm excited to follow your blog.