Wednesday, September 3, 2008

arts and crafts embroidery

I've been focusing on trying to get my dissertation done lately so I haven't been blogging much. I also have not had much time to do many fun and completely indulgent tasks--like embroidery. However, Zach and I recently were able to squeeze in some antiquing and I had a fabulous find. I have only recently gotten into embroidery (I'll be honest, I've accumulated a lot of patterns but haven't really done much actual putting thread to cloth--so I guess right now I'm more of a collector of embroidery paraphernalia then I am an embroiderer but I'm working on it.) 

So when we were antiquing I came across some old textile cloths that had original antique prints ironed on that had not been embroidered yet. I found eight napkins and a gorgeous table runner that are all in the arts and crafts style. They are perfect for our house! I think I am excited enough about them to actually start embroidering. 

This is not the pattern I found but it is picture of an arts and crafts embroidery print on a pillow. Pretty huh? 

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