Wednesday, July 2, 2008

domestic goddess

Back in the day, women took their role as "domestic goddess" very seriously. There was constant talk of how to improve efficiency in the kitchen. Women would share stories about their "methods" for homemaking. 

I came across an interesting article today: Mrs. Frederick Teaches Women How to Wash the Dishes. Christine Frederick was the household editor of Ladies Home Journal as well as the National Secretary of the Associated Clubs of Domestic Science. This article was published in 1912 as a way of teaching women how to accomplish their housework with greater ease and productivity. The article highlights the extreme measures taken by women to make their domestic endeavors scientifically efficacious. She even includes a list of ideal sink height measurements depending on the height of the woman doing the dishes!

"The question of arrangement and the placing of tables and tools must be considered if the worker is to obtain the highest efficiency." 

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