Monday, August 3, 2009

a cloche Please!

I still need to upload pictures from the amazing shower that I threw for my friend Amanda. I will get to that soon...

In the meantime my husband has shared one of his internet loves with me and I am obsessed. You must check this website out! It is basically a blog of the most beautiful (mostly black and white photographs) from the Library of Congress archives. I am completely addicted to scrolling through these amazing photos. The ones of women, children and African American's are always particularly striking to me (not so much the train pics. ha ha).

So Zach and I live in a house that was built in 1927. We have always loved old things but since moving into our house we have become especially interested in this specific year. As I've been looking through the pictures on Shorpy I have once again been struck by the styles of the 1920's and decided that it would be fun to have something to wear from the era of my house. The item of clothing that keeps standing out to me is the Cloche Hat.

Oh my goodness how CUTE are these! I must have one!!! This will be my latest item to search for in our next antiquing adventures. I will keep you posted. I think the first time I ever saw one was on Tatum O'Neal in Paper Moon (fabulous movie by the way. GREAT 20's fashion!)

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