Monday, July 6, 2009

Fire King Turquoise Blue

My amazing mother-in-law added to my Fire King Turquoise Blue collection this past week for my birthday. If it was not for her I would not have any of these beautiful dishes. It is difficult to find information about the Fire King Turquoise Blue line online. I am pretty confident that I have one of the largest collections in existence. Thanks Effie!
This isn't even my whole collection. I have many more pieces in my butler's pantry.


  1. Oh, they are GORGEOUS! I have such love for turquoise... this set is beautiful...

  2. Hey there - I had only 1 piece of blue (got it at the worlds longest yard sale 6yrs ago). This morning we went junking (yard sales) and I came across an 18pc (still in box) - saucers, cups, creamer, suger!

  3. an 18 piece STILL IN THE BOX! that is AMAZING! I hope you snatched that right up!

  4. For anyone in Milwaukee I am having a huge rummage this weekend and have TONS of Fire King for sale...including blue!!!!

    3022 North Booth STreet in Milwaukee
    Saturday 8-4
    Sunday 9-1

  5. Hey Lynn! I haven't been on here in ages and I just saw this for the first time. Did you sell all of your Fire King? Any turquoise blue left?