Wednesday, June 24, 2009

choosing a color...

Zach's parents have graciously offered to pay for us to have our living room and dining room painted as a graduation gift for me finishing my doctorate! Today my mother-in-law came over to help me strip the horrible wall paper put up by our home's previous owners. The paper itself was not necessarily horrible, it is just that it was victorian in style and did nothing to showcase the beautiful lines of our craftsman style home. Needless to say, the room looks quite different without the busy wallpaper mucking it all up. Now comes the very difficult task of trying to pick paint colors. I was hoping to find arts and crafts toned colors that would be consistent with the history of our home. I would like to do a burt-fallish-natural-orange in the dining room and a goldeny-yellow in the living room. The yellow needs to match the stained glass windows and the two colors need to flow into one another as the rooms are only separated by a dark oak room divider (I know, our house is gorgeous!)

These photos show the rooms with the wallpaper still up.

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