Sunday, January 25, 2009


I have a few obsessions that I have not taken the time to blog about because my depth of interest in them makes it difficult to know where to start. I was thinking about this today and realized that I should just start with something on each of them because something is better than nothing. So today, I begin. 

Alphonse Mucha was an artist. He, in my opinion, defines the Art Nouveau style better than any other artist--my favorite period/style of art. His work is absolutely genius. There are few things more beautiful to me than Mucha's works. 

There is too much to say about Mucha and my love for Art Nouveau in one post so I will start by posting some examples of his work and telling you a story about Zach and I related to Mucha. 

If you have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to the wonder that is Mucha before you have more than likely seen this piece: 

While he has many pieces that are much more beautiful than this, this is a good example of his work--notice the uniquely stylized hair strands. 
Here are a few more examples of some of his poster art: 

It's okay. You can pause for a minute to take those in before you go on to read my story. 


So here is the crazy thing about Zach and I and Mucha. Before Zach and I ever met we had both developed a deep love of Mucha-crazy right? He's a pretty obscure artist. The first time we met and actually had a conversation we talked about Mucha! Zach was working at a coffee shop and I stopped in with one of my friends. We started talking and it came up that Zach was taking a trip with his family in the next few months to Prague (Mucha's home). As soon as I heard that I said, "Well, if you are going to Prague you have to go to the Mucha museum!" I said this assuming he would have no idea who I was talking about. He immediately replied, "OH, I am!" My jaw dropped and I was like, "Wait, you know who Mucha is?..." 

Turned out that not only did Zach know who Mucha was but he had painted his bedroom to match one of the large Mucha prints on his wall, the whole scheme of his room was built around a Mucha print! I found this out much later but yes, he certainly knew who Mucha was. 

Once I knew that Zach was as fascinated by Mucha as I was I kinda became a bit obsessed (with Zach I mean, I was already obsessed with Mucha). You could almost say that Mucha brought us together. 

Zach and I started talking about our wedding only 11 days after we started dating. Our dating and engagement combined were less than a year. Both of us have no regrets. Best decision we ever made. When we had been dating for only three months I dropped some serious cash and bought Zach an original Mucha lithograph and had it shipped from Pairs. It now hangs above our bed in our little 1927 Bungalow. I am all about living simply but there are some things that are worth every penny and our Mucha lithograph is one of them. 


  1. Did you already like Art Nouveau in college? I guess I started to become interested junior or senior year, but wish I'd known freshman year that we'd have that in common someday. :( Great idea of Zach's to paint a Mucha print on the wall. I've wanted to do that with a sketch of Venice or something.

    You would have enjoyed a William Morris exhibit I saw in Christchurch last year...among other things, some absolutely beautiful (and perfectly preserved) embroidered wall hangings/mantle runners.

  2. Hannah I had no idea you were an Art Nouveau fan. I knew about Mucha in college and liked his work but I probably became much more interested in him later in college. My dad has always loved Mucha so I knew about him from a very young age.

    Is that the same exhibit you emailed me about? I don't think I ever replied to that email but it sounded amazing! So far I have collected a lot of things for embroidery but have not done as much of it as I would like. Hopefully I will make more time for it once I am done with my dissertation.

  3. Love this story!!!! I remember hearing bits and pieces of it while you were dating but the whole story is great. What a memory to tell you future grandkids!