Saturday, January 3, 2009

antique finds....

Zach and I went antiquing today for the first time in a loooooooong time. I felt such a rush when we walked into the first antique store. My how I have missed the anticipation of the hunt! Seriously, it is difficult to describe the excitement I feel when I walk into an antique store for the first time. There is truly nothing like it. 

It was a good antiquing day for me. I found numerous vintage pyrex mixing bowls in pretty great condition. Some of them were a little higher priced than I would normally pay but all of the antique stores were having at least 20% off sales. Needless to say, I picked up quite a few and am very happy to report that I have now officially completed almost all of my nesting bowl sets...

I have nesting bowl sets in the following colors: Pink, turquoise, yellow, orange (which didn't exist as an original set but I have created it due to the fact that it's my favorite color), primary colors, rainbow striped, and polka dot. I put them all out on the dining room table today and it was such a happy sight. I will post a picture of my own collection soon. I need to do it when the light is better in the house. In the mean time, enjoy the links! 

Since I have completed most of my own sets I am now working on blue and yellow sets for my sister in law...because honestly, even when I complete my own sets I think it will always be hard for me to pass up a beautiful vintage pyrex bowl without feeling compelled to give it a good home. :)

Oh, I also picked up a vintage flour sifter that I noticed a need for during some holiday baking projects. I swear, vintage kitchen tools work way better than any contemporary tools you can buy!

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