Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Treats

So, I have been quite the busy bee over the last few days. I started my first Sublime Stitching project, I got a new refrigerator and I made a coffee cake for Zach's office Friday Treats (and those are just the fun things I've been doing!)

Anyway, wanted to post some info about the coffee cake I made. I guess it turned out pretty well but I think it may have been a little on the dry side, I had an old recipe, that I lost, that didn't have this problem (if I ever find it I will be sure to post). Here is the link for the recipe I used: Sour Cream Coffee Cake. I added two tablespoons of butter, since some reviewers said it was on the dry side and this would help, and I did not include the cocoa powder or the currants. I don't like fruit in my coffee cake, thank you very much. 

Feel free to try the recipe yourself, it was pretty easy and looked nice as a finished product. If you figure out how to minimize the dryness let me know what you did. 

The cake stand is an antique I found at a flea market. I often use it as a punch bowl, tipped upside down. 

Oh, I sent Zach to work with a bowl of cherries too. 

note: Zach got home from work and there was a little bit left of the coffee cake so I got to actually taste it and it wasn't as dry as I thought. 

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